Shower Cubicles

Frame-less shower cubicles available. Shower glass doors that can slide or open with hinges.

Made with premium glass. Available in all types and customization

  • Using top quality toughened glass.
  • Available in clear or opaque glass designs.
  • Many shower door types to select.
  • Shower cubicles without frames.
  • Using anti stain coated glass for hassle free maintenance.
  • Order a complete 360 degree shower glass enclosure with 4 sides or with single glass door


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A shower enclosures takes the bathroom interiors to a complete different new level.

Bathrooms in the India comes in all shapes and sizes, and people’s tastes and needs vary considerably when they’re looking for a new shower. So our experts work tirelessly to offer you a range of top-quality showers with different looks and features so you can pick the perfect one for your home.

There are different types of shower enclosures available. Every one of them is precision engineered to not only pass our rigorous performance tests but also to meet the strictest of safety standards. The shower cubicles can be corner box, quadrant type, a full four side glass enclosure and many other types. The cubicle can be fitted with frame or you can install a complete frameless shower cubicle. Another variation can be in the visibility of glass used. You can use a clear glass or an opaque or semi-opaque glass for the enclosure.

There are many types of shower cubicles from a simple one side glass door to all side glass cover. Shower cubicle door can be openable or sliding cubicle doors. Find below few different shower door types. The most famous are sliding or hinges based shower cubicle doors.

Different shower door types


+91 9849134752

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