Glass Pillars

Glass pillars made with best quality material

  • Using toughened and top quality glass.
  • Available in many internal designs.
  • Glass bubble pillars designs and other decorative glass pillars.
  • Shiny outer glass surface gives excellent look in lights.
  • Best used for interior partitions and railings.
  • Giving you the best available price in market.

Glass pillars


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    Glass pillars are made up of solid glass with different designs embedded inside the pillars. The most famous of them all is the bubble glass pillars. In which lots of air bubbles are present inside the glass pillar. Used along with creative lighting it gives an excellent decorative effects to the interiors. You can use simple LED light strips to decorate these pillars. LED lights are kept at the bottom of the pillars. Once switched on the bubble glass pillar comes to life with all designs and bubbles reflecting and visible.
    The pillars are used mostly for open partition between dining room, drawing rooms and halls. In some cases the glass pillars are also used as railings too. You can even use them as glass table pillars. The pillars are available in round, square and rectangle shapes and can be cut into any size as per requirements.