Using Back Painted Glass for Wardrobe

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We recently told how you can use back painted glass for your kitchen back-splash. But lots of users showed interest to know more about back painted glass for wardrobe. In this post we will see some examples on how this can be done. If it’s good or bad? Is it durable? Does it look nice? etc…

Firstly, there are many modern uses of glass and using it for wardrobe doors is one of them. Does it look nice? You Bet. It looks very impressive. Back painted glass panels are made of toughened glass that gives immense durability to the products. With almost unlimited colors available at your disposal the user can select any color that they wish and get a glass coated in that color. The colors last really long and most of the time there is no maintenance to be done once they are fitted.

Mostly wardrobes are made with sliding doors with glass panels. You can even fit it with mirrors. Rather LED mirrors on wardrobe will look even better.

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