Glass enclosure door sliding or hinged?

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Shower enclosure doors Glass CreationsHaving shower enclosure is now a must have in most homes, to give that desired minimalist appeal to the space and also efficiently make use of available square foot area. Shower enclosures, when done correctly, not only add to the visual appeal of the bathroom but also present practical spatial solutions in cases of limited spaces. Glass shower enclosures bring in the much sought after clean aesthetics that have become highly popular nowadays. But one can encounter any number of questions when shopping and choosing for a shower enclosure design. There are several options available for end users to choose from that vary with the kind of material used, sizes and patterns of the door employed, and much more. So, how does one decide? And what are the most popular shower cubicle door designs?

Basic differences in the shower enclosures comes from the kind of door used. Is it a sliding door or is it a hinged door?

Sliding shower glass door: These are ideal in spaces that are small and restricted. A sliding door saves space so you are not needed to swing the door to open and close it, saving space equal to the width of the door. One simply slides it open and slides it shut. These doors and walls can in turn be diversified. One may opt for opaque, transparent, semi transparent glasses for the enclosure. One other option is to have a door cutting off a walled niche to make an enclosure saving the quantity of glass used.

Hinged shower glass door: These are ideal for large spaces that allow you to play around with the design options. Again, the type of glass can be customized. And these too can be completely frameless glass panels. A large bathroom space would look larger and brighter with a completely frameless shower enclosure with hinged shower glass door.

Both door designs are equally good and if you have less space opt for a sliding door. If space is not an issue for you then hinged door is best. Contact Glass Creations for a wholesale price on all glass related products.