What should you choose, framed or frameless shower enclosure

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It all comes down to looks and security. You have a great bathroom and now looking to add a shower cubicle or shower quadrant in the corner. Or you might be thinking of adding just a shower glass door. In all the scenarios a typical question we face is, what should you choose framed or frameless shower enclosure?

Well the answer depends on many factors below are few details that will help you make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons for a Framed Shower enclosure: As the name suggest the framed shower enclosure will have a steel frame along side the edges to support the glass. The steel frame provides the needed stability and is considered more secure as it holds the glass tightly in it. The Steel will also look good as it will compliment other chrome accessories in the bathroom. Check below image for an example of framed shower glass cubicle

Frame and frameless shower cubicle
Frame and frameless shower cubicle

Frameless Shower enclosure: The frameless shower cubicle obviously beats the framed enclosure in looks. Without frame the enclosure is only supported on hinges and supporting clips. A suspended holder might be attached from the top in some cases when needed for security. Over all the smooth glass edges definitely give an impressive look to the whole bathroom.

So, whats best for you is a question of your own choice. Both are equally good.

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