Back painted glass for kitchen backsplash

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Back painted kitchen backsplashFor years our kitchens were using ceramic tiles. Though there were many designs in that too but you never had anything that was completely different. Something that took away the hassle of cleaning the edges of tiles. Something that didn’t faded or was always new.

Well, back painted glass backsplash for kitchen comes to the rescue. It’s been some time that it was introduced to the market. But with recent technological advances and the way they are made back painted glass backsplash are more affordable than before. They come in many colours and can be adjusted as per the shape and position of your kitchen cabinets. Customized to your kitchen walls.


Kitchen glass backsplash

Some of the highlights of glass backsplash:

  • Looks stunning. Nothing more to say here. Glass backsplash just looks awesome in the kitchen.
  • Seamless wall covering. Without fewer joints, a more modern and clean alternative to kitchen tiles.
  • Easy to maintain and clean. The minimal joints the better.
  • Several coats of back paint gives strong colour.
  • Tempered or toughened glass backsplash provides the needed durability to the glass usage.

Glass backsplash can be in custom designed as per your kitchen cabinets spacing and hobs shape and position.

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