Find out how bubble glass pillars are made

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Bubble glass pillars, also known as bubble columns or bubble-infused glass pillars, are created by incorporating bubbles or air pockets within the glass structure. Used along with LED Lights effect these Glass Pillars look great as a home interior product. This effect can be achieved through a variety of techniques. Here’s an overview of a […]

shower cubicle cleaning

5 tips on how to clean a shower cubicle

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Shower cubicle looks great on any bathroom but maintaining one can be tough or you can have anti stain glass shower cubicle which requires less maintenance. Here are 5 tips on how to clean a shower cubicle easily: Use a cleaning solution: Choose a cleaning solution that is designed for glass and is safe for […]

Excellence award for Glass Creations

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We are thrilled to announce that Glass Creations’ excellent quality products and top notch customer services were recognized by the industry. We were awarded by HAFELE for excellence in Glass products and interior decorative designs. Being industry pioneers in LED Mirrors and Decorative Glass Pillars. We are more than inspired to continue our commitment to […]