Anti stain glass for shower cubicles doors

Should you buy anti-stain glass for shower cubicles?

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Glass Creations Anti-stain glass, also known as self-cleaning glass, is a type of glass that has a special coating that helps to prevent the buildup of water stains, soap scum, and other residues that can accumulate on shower cubicle glass over time. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying anti-stain glass for your […]

Glass enclosure door sliding or hinged?

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Having shower enclosure is now a must have in most homes, to give that desired minimalist appeal to the space and also efficiently make use of available square foot area. Shower enclosures, when done correctly, not only add to the visual appeal of the bathroom but also present practical spatial solutions in cases of limited […]

Glass Balustrade Railing

Staircase glass railings – Usages and new trends

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Glass railings for staircase clearly ups the ante on the style and looks of your property. But there are many new trends that have come up. Below are few different methods that prospective buyers can look before deciding whats best for them. Hand railings: Apart from being a necessity, staircase should also be comfortable for […]

Using Back Painted Glass for Wardrobe

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We recently told how you can use back painted glass for your kitchen back-splash. But lots of users showed interest to know more about back painted glass for wardrobe. In this post we will see some examples on how this can be done. If it’s good or bad? Is it durable? Does it look nice? […]

Using glass pillars for your interiors

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Every body wants their house too look good and use items and designs that are unique in the market. Using metal, wood, and all kinds of materials for decorating their interiors. One such thing is partitions. Partitions are present in almost every house hold. People use designer curtains, wooden partitions, full designer glass partitions, metallic […]

Back painted glass for kitchen backsplash

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For years our kitchens were using ceramic tiles. Though there were many designs in that too but you never had anything that was completely different. Something that took away the hassle of cleaning the edges of tiles. Something that didn’t faded or was always new. Well, back painted glass backsplash for kitchen comes to the […]